Trump has saddled Republicans with 'freaks and weirdos' on the November ballot: Morning Joe

Reacting to a report out of Arizona that Donald Trump-endorsed Kari Lake will be the Republican Party's nominee for governor in November, MSNBC "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough lashed out at the GOP voters in the state for adding a fourth 2020 election denier to the top of the ticket.

Along with Lake, voters in Arizona also tabbed far-right extremist Blake Masters to be their candidate for a U.S. Senate seat and Oath Keeper militia member Mark Finchem as their choice to be the next secretary of state.

According to MSNBC's Scarborough, it's a slate of "insurrectionists, freaks and weirdos."

"You talk about extremes, and I think the Arizona Republican Party, the rank and file selected, again, the most extreme slate of candidates, probably in modern American history," he began. "Four election deniers. Four people who, despite all of the federal courts, all of the Trump appointees, all of the Trump Supreme Court justices, all of the Republicans up and down the line who have said that this election was legitimate, all of the people who worked on the Trump administration who said this election was legitimate, the Republican slate of candidates this fall, insurrectionists, freaks, weirdos, really, really extreme. The most extreme slate of candidates in American history."

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"Yeah, some of those in Arizona are not just casual election deniers," co-host Willie Geist offered. "Mark Finchem, the nominee for secretary of state, was at the Capitol on January 6. He was at the 'Stop the Steal' rally. Kari Lake, the nominee for governor, has adopted the language of election denial. She was a different person a couple years ago when she supported Barack Obama."

"The stakes could not be any higher," Scarborough interjected. "Couldn't be any higher, especially these races where you have election deniers who are running. Is it an overstatement? I don't know. I guess our viewers can decide whether it is an overstatement to say that our form of American democracy is at risk if we start electing people who deny election results when their side loses."

"So much is at stake this fall when you have these people who are insurrectionists, or who supported the insurrectionists," he continued. "You have the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania who showed up on Jan. 6 and, again, talks the language of insurrection, that talks the language of election denial. It's anti-democratic, and it is un-America."

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