GOP strategist shreds Texas Republicans for ramming through bill that would have helped Trump stay in power
Alice Stewart appears on ABC (screen grab)

Republican strategist Alice Stewart told CNN on Monday that she did not approve of Texas Republicans' efforts to ram through a new bill that would make it easier for defeated candidates to challenge and overturn election results.

While appearing on CNN to discuss Texas Democrats' dramatic walkout to protest the bill, Stewart knocked her own party for passing legislation seemingly aimed at helping former President Donald Trump maintain the lie that he was cheated out of winning the 2020 election.

While she supported some provisions within the Texas bill, such as the implementation of voter ID, she found herself disturbed by parts that would have made it easier for Trump to successfully challenge the results of the election.

"I think setting up the precedent to make challenges to elections easier in the future is not the best way to go about really instilling confidence in our election process," she said.

Later in the segment, Stewart defended the 2020 election and said that there was no need to call the integrity of the vote into question.

"I think there are many in the Republican Party who, for some reason, wanted to question the integrity of the election and still, for some crazy reason, believe that Donald Trump still won the election," she said. "But that's not the case. We have free and fair elections. President Biden won. Donald Trump lost."

Watch the video below.

Strategist shreds Texas GOP for ramming through bill that would have helped Trump stay in power