Trump has 'resisted' efforts to control his endorsements -- the result is 'losers up and down the ballot': NYT
Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

Former President Donald Trump's crusade against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp ended in humiliating defeat Tuesday, and the New York Times reports that it's the logical end result of a president who has completely shrugged off any restraints on whom he endorses.

According to the Times, Trump has gotten more erratic in his endorsements "since leaving the White House, and the structure it provided" and has often been "making choices on a whim or with little clear path to execution."

What's more, the Times reports that Trump "has resisted efforts to impose order on his decision making, and solicits advice from a range of informal advisers and aides, many of whom are being paid by candidates hoping to land the former president’s support."

The result, as the paper writes, has been "losers up and down the ballot."

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This was no more evident than in Georgia, where Trump not only failed to unseat Kemp, but also failed to oust Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who leaked the president's infamous phone call where he asked Raffensperger to "find" the 12,000 votes he needed to overturn the results in the state.

Now the question is whether Trump will try to sabotage Kemp in the general election, as he hinted earlier this week that he may discourage his voters from voting this fall if Kemp were to emerge victorious.

“I don’t believe Kemp can do it,” Trump said Monday. “He’s got too many people in the Republican Party that will refuse to vote. They’re just not going to go out.”