Here's why Trump could be back on Facebook next year
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

As part of a series of predictions over what to expect in 2022, the New York Times' Kara Swisher put Donald Trump's return to Facebook -- now overseen by the company called "Meta" --- at the top of the list while noting that founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems impervious to taking criticism to heart.

While Twitter has made it fairly clear that the former president won't be welcomed back, calling the shutting down of his account a "permanent suspension," Swisher noted that Trump's two-year suspension on Facebook, that eventually followed his encouragement of the Capitol insurrection, was far less firm and open to interpretation.

Swisher notes that she predicted Trump's banishment last year, when she wrote, "Soon after our forever troller in chief leaves office on Jan. 20, his account will be suspended by Twitter temporarily, and then, since he cannot stop breaking rules, he’ll get tossed off, just like his hideous pal, Alex Jones … after Joe Biden is inaugurated, Mr. Trump should be treated like any other mendacious loudmouth, and Twitter will be well within its rights to put a sock in it.”

Pointing out that YouTube and Facebook followed suit, she now suggests Facebook will be the first to welcome him back with open arms.

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"Trump will be posting once again on at least one of the giant platforms this year. My guess is it’ll be Meta that lets him back on, even after announcing a two-year suspension that’s meant to run until January 2023," she wrote while noting the reasoning for his banishment gives the social media giant some wiggle room with almost a year having passed since the attempted coup.

"The company, parent to Facebook and Instagram, said it could restore his accounts at the end of the suspension if 'the risk to public safety has receded' — so it’s easy to see how Zuck could justify an early parole," Swisher wrote.

She then added, "While that would invite a heap of negative attention, it’s time to accept that the company that started as a 'Mark Zuckerberg Production' could care less what you or I think of it."

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