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Former President Donald Trump's campaign effort to create a fake slate of electors to submit to the National Archives and Congress has become a federal investigation after it was revealed the effort happened in multiple states across the country.

The Justice Department issued subpoenas of some of the fake electors and Trump campaign aides, including one Georgia fake elector a few weeks ago. Republican officials from Michigan and Pennsylvania were also among those to receive subpoenas. In Michigan, the attorney general did her own preliminary investigation before ultimately deciding to turn over all of her findings to federal officials at the Justice Department. Two state senators from Arizona were also among those who got subpoenas.

More subpoenas have been issued asking for information about efforts in seven battleground states where the fake elector scam moved forward and many of those subpoenas set a deadline of Friday for Republicans associated to provide the information to the Justice Department, said investigators speaking to CNN.

The House Select Committee investigating the attack on Congress and the plot to overthrow the 2020 election will host its next hearing on Tuesday, July 12. However, the committee has already revealed some of the findings they gathered about the "seven-part plan" for what amounts to nothing more than a kind of briefcase switch in a spy movie.

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"The Justice Department has charged more than 800 people for their role in rioting at the Capitol on Jan. 6," said CNN. "More than 300 have pleaded guilty. In recent months, the DOJ’s investigation has broadened beyond the rioters. It was first focused outside the Trump administration — on fake electors, organizers of the rally that preceded the attack, and on extremist groups. Now the department is moving closer to the political circles around Trump."

New subpoenas have also been issued for Trump attorney John Eastman, who was required to hand over his phone for a case that involved the inspector general of the Justice Department. It coincided with an early morning raid by the FBI on former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, who was the target of key attacks in the fifth public hearing of the House Select Committee.

Thus far, no charges have been filed in any of the cases, however.