‘Completely delusional’: Legal analyst erupts over Trump’s claim the FBI is controlled by left-wing media
Dopnald Trump speaks at rally -- (Photo by Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

On CNN Monday, former prosecutor Elie Honig weighed in on former President Donald Trump's rally rant in Pennsylvania blaming President Joe Biden for the criminal investigation into his stash of classified documents — and criticized Trump's insinuation that the Justice Department and FBI are controlled by some sort of left-wing media conspiracy.

"Trump went on to call President Joe Biden an 'enemy of the state,'" noted CNN anchor Erica Hill. "In response to some of those comments, Zoe Lofgren of California, a member of the January 6 committee, weighed in on the former president's continued attacks. Take a listen to what she had to say."

"In the leadup to January 6, there were extravagant claims made meant to inflame public opinion, and that is what is happening here, although I think it's meant to turn people against law enforcement officers, and we've seen that sometimes that rhetoric reaches people who are prepared to act on it," said Lofgren in the clip.

"So what she went on to say is that she believes — she gave the example of a man in Ohio who was killed when he tried to attack the FBI agents there," said Hill. "She's saying these continued attacks could amount to incitement. Is there real legal concern when it comes to the words of the former president? Could he be putting himself, you know, at risk legally?"

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"I don't think that's going to amount to legal incitement," said Honig. "You have to show more direct exhortation to violence. A person has a First Amendment right to criticize and question, whether it's DOJ, local law enforcement, FBI, that's all fine. But the president's rhetoric, we do have to call it out. It's wildly inappropriate. I believe it is dangerous. The language that he used is so overheated and so over the top and just utterly unsupported by reality or by facts."

"I mean, the notion that the FBI or DOJ overstepped when it executed this search warrant? The FBI and DOJ could not have possibly given him more rope, have given him more time to turn over the documents, they gave him over a year, and the notion that the media somehow tells FBI what to do is just completely delusional."

"So I don't think it's illegal, I don't think the former president committed a crime right there, but I do think it's fair to call out his comments as dangerous and irresponsible," added Honig.

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