'Trump has reason to worry' after Letitia James exposed his 'family’s financial shadiness': legal expert
Ivanka and Donald Trump (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

According to Kimberly Wehle, who teaches at American University’s Washington College of Law, the case laid out by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Donald Trump and his family should cause them to lose a great deal of sleep due to the massive amount of documentary evidence she has amassed over three years.

As she wrote for the Bulwark, the former president and his family have been allowed to engage in shady business dealings for decades and now, with the lawsuit seeking $250 million filed, James has shone a light on the massive amount of financial fraud that makes up their fortune.

As she wrote, Trump "has reason to worry" about James' "definitive tome of the Trump family’s financial shadiness. Its seven-count civil complaint reflects the work of a three-year investigation involving over 65 witnesses and millions of pages of documents, yet covering a single decade of Trump’s career, 2011 to 2021."

Noting some particularly egregious examples of overstating the value of Trump properties -- including his pride and joy, the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida -- Wehle wrote that James could destroy Trump's empire by banning him from all real estate dealings in New York -- but the real kicker is the fine she seeks from the Trump family.

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"This request from James is the biggie," she wrote before quoting from the filing that states, "Awarding disgorgement of all financial benefits obtained by each Defendant from the fraudulent scheme, including all financial benefits from lenders and insurers through repeated and persistent fraudulent practices of an amount to be determined at trial but estimated to be $250,000,000, plus . . . interest."

"James wants Trump to pay back the investors and insurance companies," she added. "The implications of the lawsuit for Trump’s financial future are nonetheless significant... We’ll just have to wait and see whether Letitia James finally puts an end to Trump’s winning streak against the rule of law."

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