Trump thought about painting his own plane the way he thought 'Air Force One should look': Woodward book
Mandel Ngan/AFP

Donald Trump considered painting his 757 the way he believes Air Force One should be painted, according to the forthcoming book Peril by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa of The Washington Post.

"I am thinking of getting it repainted red, white, and blue. Like Air Force One, the way I think Air Force One should look," Trump said, according to the book,The Independent reported Saturday.

As president, Trump changed the color scheme of the president's airplane.

"The former president's plan to replace the iconic light blue and white livery adopted in the 1960s by then-First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy with a design which many observers noted was inspired by the look of his failed Trump Shuttle airline venture was controversial, and a number of Democratic lawmakers attempted to block the Air Force from using his design on the new aircraft, which were purchased from Boeing during Mr Trump's presidency and are currently undergoing modifications for use in the Air Force's VIP fleet," the newspaper reported.

However, the color scheme may be irrelevant as Trump has reportedly let his 757 fall into disrepair.