Trump aides hid him from public during his final days because he was 'too volatile' to be around reporters: report
Donald Trump during an interview with Axios. (YouTube/Screenshot)

According to a report in the Washington Post, Donald Trump's last days as president ended with a whimper instead of a bang as he hunkered down in the White House, unable to tweet and being kept away from the press by worried aides.

For the president, who relished nothing more than standing before crowds and preening for his fans, when he wasn't battling with the press as he made his way across the South Lawn, the last two weeks have been a silent affair with the president issuing several video messages.

The president's last major appearance was the speech he gave at the "Stop the Steal" rally in Washington D.C., which culminated in a march on the U.S. Capitol that turned into a riot that left five dead, including a Capitol policeman.

According to the Post, "In the two weeks since the riot, Trump has been disinclined to convene a final Cabinet meeting or a final news conference or a final coronavirus briefing because such events would remind people of his impending exit, aides said. And the president instructed his staff not to bring media members in for ceremonial events, such as awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom or other accolades."

Aides had no problem following his orders since they were also worried what he might do or say in front of the press.

"Another reason Trump has not held public events in his final days: Aides feel he is too volatile to interact freely with reporters. Trump is 'just not in a place where they would go well,' according to a White House official," the report states with former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg lamenting the depths the president has fallen to in four years.

"This is a fiasco," Nunberg said. "Donald Trump used to scream at me all the time, 'You're very self-destructive.' But I see it in him as well. It didn't have to end this way. And I'm sympathetic. I feel badly for him. I'm not criticizing him."

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