Attorneys scramble to block subpoenas of Georgia lawmakers in investigation into Trump's efforts to overturn election

Attorneys are attempting to block subpoenas for Georgia state legislators from the Fulton County special grand jury investigating former President Donald Trump's efforts to overturn Georgia's 2020 election results, 11Alive reports.

While it is not known exactly how many were subpoenaed, among the recipients are state Sen. William Ligon and Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan.

As 11Alive points out, attorneys claim the lawmakers cannot be questioned on anything relating to their legislative conduct, citing state constitutional privilege and immunity clauses, saying Georgia's constitution "grants unqualified legislative immunity to legislators and their staff for any conduct related to their activity as legislators."

"The alternative would require this court to evaluate all questions to all Members who have been subpoenaed throughout the course of each Members' testimony over the following weeks or months," a filing from the attorneys states. "Setting ground rules in advance... is the efficient method of evaluating the scope and breadth of the privileges and immunities enjoyed by the Members and staff."

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They concede that "there are questions the District Attorney may pose to the witness that are entirely unrelated to his legislative duties," but that "there are undeniably numerous topics that are within the scope of the legislative immunity and legislative privilege and may not be the subject of any inquiry."

According to the attorneys, the existing subpoenas should immediately be "quashed."

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