Third call Trump made about votes in Georgia may help prove intent: lawyer
Donald Trump (Photo by Paul Richards for AFP)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Wednesday that a third audio recording of Donald Trump asking a Georgia Republican official to help him flip the election was played for the Fulton County grand jury.

Georgia lawyer Michael Moore spoke to MSNBC about the new information that was previously unknown publicly. It makes three recordings that exist where Trump is pressing lawmakers to change the election results in the state. Moore explained that this doesn't necessarily mean that he's guilty of another crime so much as it goes to Trump's intent while committing a crime.

"I do think it is a good piece of evidence. I don't think it is maybe as damning as the calls to [Secretary of State Brad] Raffensperger and to the other election officials," said Moore. "But I think it gives you a good picture of Trump's state of mind and his intent as he made those other calls. So, for instance, he calls the speaker, and he says I want you to have a special session and let's, you know, let's get this election fixed or whatever. Well, he is not an elections official that is going to recall the election. But it tells you that he knew there was a problem."

He went on to say that when one looks at that call as well as the one to Raffensperger and even Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA), "it all starts to be as clear as it can be. And that is that he's telling Raffensperger, I need to just find this number of votes. I mean, basically, I think it is an indication that Trump knew he had problems, but he was taking every avenue he could to try to overturn the election in Georgia, including making references about possible criminal problems that Raffensperger may have or talking about these other votes and maybe intimidating someone in the role that he occupied at the time a president of the United States."

One of the members of the special grand jury remembered a quote from Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-SC) testimony about Trump's state of mind at the time and that "if somebody had told Trump that aliens came down and stole Trump's ballots, that Trump would've believed it," the juror said.

Moore said that perhaps an option was to give immunity to the aliens to get them to testify.

"He knew exactly where he was, and what the truth was, and he was being told by people," continued Moore. "There is one side of this that says he was maybe a candidate that lost a race and he is doing everything you can to see if there is some way to find a path to victory. But he went way beyond that. And it's called to Raffensperger has been the DA's clearest case I think that she has. It's almost like having a taped confession before there is even a trial. Before there is even an interrogation or an arrest by a police officer, you have this guy admitting and essentially saying, give me this exact number of votes I have to find out who do this and that is going to be the problem for him down the road."

Meanwhile, Republicans in the Georgia legislature and the governor are working to pass a bill that allows them to go after DA Fani Willis as she reportedly nears an indictment.

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Georgia lawyer on Trump's latest recording