Lawyers are blowing off Trump because they know he doesn't pay his bills: CNN

Previewing the upcoming impeachment trial of Donald Trump slated to start in two weeks, CNN's Jeff Zeleny claimed the former president is still searching for more legal representation but has been getting the brush-off from attorneys who want nothing to do with him.

Speaking with host Kate Bolduan, the White House correspondent stated that the large obstacle facing Trump is his history of stiffing the outside help.

"Is the former president struggling to find counsel?" host Bolduan asked.

"He's asking a lot of lawyers and many of them are coming through the connection of Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina. So all eyes are on Columbia, South Carolina, looking for lawyers," Zeleny began. "There is a scrabbling underway just two weeks before this impeachment trial begins."

"The president has secured Butch Bowers a well-respected lawyer in South Carolina -- he's a former Bush administration Department of Justice Civil Division lawyer," he reported before quipping. "He's represented every Republican governor in South Carolina in recent years -- if you're a Republican officeholder in South Carolina, you get into some trouble, you call Butch Bowers."

'So that is what is happening here and Lindsey Graham connected him to the former president, but he's also looking for other lawyers," Zeleny continued. "We're hearing there are some other people who are on cusp of signing on but there are questions over payment: the former president has a long history and record of not paying his bills and anything from lawyers to contractors to others. So there are some people from big firms who are saying, 'no thank you,' we are not going to sign on this because there are some worries about all the controversy that comes with it and paying the bill."

"So by the end of the week there will be more of a defense team in place, but there is still a help-wanted sign being hung out by the former president," he added.

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