‘Insane’ Trump supporters mocked on MSNBC: He’s a loser – ‘get that through your thick dumb skulls’

During a "Morning Joe" panel discussion on the Republican Party sticking with Donald Trump despite losing the White House, along with the Senate and the House, regular MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch expressed incredulity that the party can't seem to comprehend that he is a "loser."

After host Mika Brzezinski reported that conservative pollster Frank Luntz is stating that Donald Trump could be the primary reason why Republicans don't reclaim either the House or the Senate in 2022, the clearly exasperated Deutsch wondered why Republicans don't see what is coming.

Referring to the Luntz interview, Brzezinski stated, "Donald Trump single-handedly may cause people not to vote and he may be the greatest tool in the Democrats arsenal to keep control of the house and Senate in 2022."

According to Deutsch, "It will take a cycle or two," before Republicans recover from Trump and the images of the Capitol insurrection, before getting to the Republican Party still hitching its star to the former president as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) did on Thursday night.

"But I want to say again to the Republicans watching, Donald Trump is a losing proposition," he explained. "Those images that we were playing of people storming the Capitol, that's all you have to say about Donald Trump."

"So what is so insane about the Republicans -- and by the way he will be indicted between now and the next election -- he is unelectable. Donald Trump is unelectable. You are fools. Forget right or wrong, you are losers with Donald Trump. Get that in your thick, dumb, skulls," he exclaimed only to be greeted by stunned silence from the panel.

Watch below:

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