Trump indictment 'inevitable' after the bombshe​lls revealed by Jan. 6 committee: law professor
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The January 6 committee has given Attorney General Merrick Garland "no choice" but to indict former President Donald Trump, according to Harvard Professor Emeritus Laurence Tribe.

The January 6 panel, holding what is expected to be its final hearing before the November midterm elections, voted on Thursday to subpoena Trump to testify.

“He is in a really hard position, because he has said in the past ‘only the guilty take the 5th,’” Tribe told GHB News this week. “So that is not going to look very good. He certainly can’t say, ‘Oh, I don’t want the attention,’ because we know that isn’t true. He doesn’t have any executive privilege. He will be held in contempt if he doesn’t show up, and that will add to the criminal referrals that are going to be made.”

The New York Times reported that Trump has been telling aides that he favors testifying if he can do so live, but it is unclear whether the committee would grant such a demand.

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Subpoenas from the panel have proved difficult to enforce, with former White House aide Steve Bannon the only person convicted of contempt of Congress so far for refusing to comply.

Across eight hearings in the summer the January 6 panel has unveiled reams of evidence showing the former president's involvement in a labyrinthine series of connected schemes to overturn the election.

Trump, who urged his supporters in a fiery speech near the White House on January 6 to "fight like hell," was impeached for inciting the mob to storm Congress to halt the peaceful transfer of power to Biden.

Tribe predicted that the committee would make criminal referrals to federal authorities accusing Trump of seditious conspiracy and insurrection.

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The legal expert further said that the accumulation of evidence would force Garland to prosecute Trump.

“I think they will leave Attorney General Merrick Garland with no choice,” Tribe said. “The Mar-a-Lago developments make it clear that he is going to have to indict Trump for the theft of the documents and for obstruction of Congress and for espionage. But now he cannot stop with that. He will have to continue, and authorize an indictment of the former president for trying to overthrow the government. I think now it is inevitable.”

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Jan. 6 Committee to subpoena Trump: Legal expert says it's 'inevitable' Merrick Garland will indict

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