Former FBI official warns Trump the Justice Department doesn't bring cases it can't win
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Former FBI assistant director for counter-intelligence Frank Figliuzzi revealed that the success rate in convictions in trials brought by the Justice Department is exceedingly high and there's a reason for it – they don't bring cases they can't win.

Speaking to MSNBC on Tuesday, Figliuzzi also explained that in federal criminal cases, 90 percent of the time, a defendant pleads guilty.

"I don't mean for anyone to infer that I think Donald Trump's going to plead guilty," he told Nicolle Wallace. "Rather, I say that to emphasize the strength of a federal criminal prosecution.

"The seriousness of the charges that get brought, and the strength of the evidence when you have agencies like FBI and others pulling out all their tools in their toolkit from informants, cooperating witnesses, surveillance coverage, wiretaps, paper analysis, you name it. The federal government brings it to the table, which is why cases are so strong."

He noted that what he means by all of those details is "Jack Smith would not be bringing this case, and it looks like it's imminent, unless he had it nailed down solid with evidence. The charges will not be light or fringe-like, and the evidence will be overwhelming because that's what we see, generally speaking, in all federal cases."

Figliuzzi revealed that the federal government would rather "ditch" the case than lose it.

"So, this is the strength of what we're about to see happen," he promised. "Also, you led with this issue of the likely springboard that happened from the Jan. 6th work, excellent, the committee, to lead to where Jack Smith is today. I'm both disturbed by that and encouraged by it, disturbed because it took way too long for the FBI and the DOJ — and we learn more about this delay every day — for them to get their act together, and that's bad."

He closed by saying that he credits Congress and the House Select Committee for their work in pressing the resistant DOJ into the investigation.

See the full conversation with Wallace and Figliuzzi in the video below or at the link here.

Former FBI official explains that the Justice Department doesn't bring charges that they can't