'Stupid subpoena!': Marjorie Taylor Greene melts down over Trump’s potential Jan. 6 testimony
Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks to reporters in Georgia. (Screenshot/YouTube.com)

On Wednesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) appeared on Steve Bannon's show to rage against the House Select Committee on January 6 for issuing a subpoena against former President Donald Trump to testify about his role in the attack.

"How pathetic are the January 6 Committee members that they're going to subpoena President Trump right before the midterm elections?" said Greene. "This is the only thing that they have to scream and yell at. It's all a lie. But you know what I can't wait? I can't wait to subpoena Nancy Pelosi ... That woman is the only person to blame for everything that happened at the Capitol that day. Because she did nothing to protect the Capitol and it was her job to do it. President Trump did all the right things. He requested the National Guard to be there outside the Capitol. He wanted the National Guard to be there to protect the Capitol. And Nancy Pelosi said, nope, we don't need the Guard, the National Guard."

All of Greene's claims are false. Trump did not send the National Guard to protect the Capitol on January 6, and Pelosi, along with then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, in fact went out of their way to make calls asking for the Guard to be activated — which was revealed in footage at the final public hearing of the committee earlier this month.

Greene continued to complain that the "garbage" about Trump's subpoena didn't matter to her constituents.

"Who cares?" said Greene. "Nobody cares. I'm going to tell you, the senior citizens I talk to all the time that can barely afford food, and are having to choose between paying their rent and paying their groceries, they don't care about Pelosi's January 6 lies and witch hunt. The veterans I talk to that cannot get their needs met at the VA, the ones that are still being forced to wear masks when they have to go to the doctor ... the farmers that I talk to, they are fed up."

"So you know, as far as the January 6 Committee goes, and their stupid subpoena for President Trump, who did nothing wrong, he said go peacefully and make your voices heard, all of those people on the committee can kiss the American people's ass," Greene added. "Because we are going to send them packing."

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