DC insider: GOP lawmakers want Trump nailed by Manhattan's DA so they can move on without him
President Donald Trump and the alleged 'fake Melania' Trump (Twitter)

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday morning, former Donald Trump Homeland Security official Miles Taylor claimed that, behind the scenes, Republican Party lawmakers are expressing hope that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. slams the ex-president with an indictment -- thereby ending his political career.

Speaking with host Kendis Gibson, Taylor -- the former chief of staff at Homeland Security Department -- claimed Trump has big legal problems and many Republicans are ready to move on without him as his popularity wanes.

"This is a man, who has an almost-clinical addiction to wrongdoing," Taylor explained. "Whether it's cheating at his golf game or cheating at governing. I mean, look, we just saw the man tried to steal a national election. Would it surprise anyone that he tried to cheat on his tax returns?"

"Now, my prediction, Kendis, for this year, is going to be that the Donald Trump, who loves to win, win, win, is about to lose, lose, lose," he continued. "He lost a major election, he is losing in the court of public opinion and he is about to lose, I would predict, in the people's court, if charges are brought against him. But, look, a lot of Republicans are actually hoping this will happen so they can move on from Donald Trump."

"Are you secretly hearing from Republican lawmakers, some who are publicly supporting Trump, they wish that he would just go away?" host Gibson pressed.

"Yes," the former Trump administration official shot back. "I am going to give you two quick data points. That poll also showed that more than almost 50 percent of Republicans are, either, never-Trumpers or post-Trumpers. That means, a good chunk of the party, simply, wants to move on beyond this man. And behind the scenes, legislators are telling me they would like Donald Trump to be gone."

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