'Crazy idea!' McConnell strategist says Trump testifying to Jan. 6 Committee would be 'perilous'
Donald Trump pointing at the camera / Gage Skidmore.

Following Thursday's decision by the House Select Committee on January 6 to subpoena former President Donald Trump, many observers believed that he would simply decline to honor it.

However, other reports suggest the former president actually wants to do it — given the testimony is broadcast live so he can deliver it to the whole nation.

On CNN Friday, longtime Mitch McConnell adviser Scott Jennings said this plan would be a monumental blunder for Trump.

"Yesterday's hearing really culminated with that live vote subpoenaing the president and the committee agreeing to subpoena the president," said anchor Bianna Golodryga. "As we said, we're going through his response now. I want to get, Scott, your reaction to what Jamie Raskin said about why they think it would be compelling for him to speak with them. Let's listen."

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"Even if he thinks that [the attack on the Capitol] was a righteous manifestation of pro-Trump sentiment, then he should come over," said Raskin in the clip. "If he wants to be the Mussolini of a mass right-wing populist movement, he should come forward and explain that."

"Do you think that there's enough there to goad him, to compel him to come forward?" asked Golodryga.

"There are people in his orbit saying he wants to do it," said Jennings. "That he — that he feels inclined to want to get out and have his Colonel Jessup moment, I guess, at the end of the January 6 hearing."

But, he added, "it's a crazy idea given this guy is under about 1,000 investigations right now ... he has a lot of confidence in his ability to communicate and sway people and to always be right, but boy, it seems like a perilous idea to me."

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Scott Jennings says Trump testifying to J6 would be "crazy" www.youtube.com

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