'A sham built on lies': CNN's John King delivers blunt summary of NY AG's accusations against Trump
John King/CNN screen cap

CNN host John King on Wednesday bluntly summed up New York Attorney General Letitia James' allegations leveled against former President Donald Trump's business practices.

Speaking after James announced her civil lawsuit against Trump that alleged decades' worth of tax fraud, King said that the lawsuit portrays Trump's business as a wholly illegitimate enterprise.

"Letitia James, outlining a nearly 300-page lawsuit filed against the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, and his children, alleging that the Trump Organization is a sham built on lies," he said. "Lies to banks, lies to insurance companies, lies to the state of New York about the valuation of Trump Organization properties."

Legal analyst Shan Wu later chimed in to note how meticulously the lawsuit had been put together over the span of several years, and he particularly zeroed in on the detail that Trump had tripled the reported size of his own Penthouse in Trump Tower in order to justify giving it a higher-than-merited valuation in financial documents.

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"What really strikes me about this complaint is how well documented this is," he said. "There are facts you can't spin your way out of. Claiming that the penthouse, for example, is three times the square footage that it is, there's no way that you can spin your way out of that."

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'A sham built on lies': NY AG's accusations against Trump summarized www.youtube.com

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