Trump lawyer launches 'charm offensive' on judge who previously smacked down 'absurd' claims
Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Michigan. (

An attorney representing former President Donald Trump on Tuesday launched what Law & Crime News reporter Adam Klasfeld described as a "charm offensive" on a judge who had previously shown little patience for the Trump legal team's arguments.

According to Klasfeld, attorney Joe Tacopina tried to ease tensions between Trump's legal team and U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, who is overseeing the civil lawsuit filed against Trump by E. Jean Carroll.

Among other things, Tacopina promised that there would be no more stalling tactics of the kinds that Trump's legal team has become famous for employing and he said he was ready to go to trial with the case, although he did ask for a brief delay to the start of the trial so he could witness the birth of his grandchild.

Judge Kaplan did not issue an immediate ruling on Tacopina's request, although the judge did indicate respect for the attorney , who has represented clients in his court in the past.

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The new strategy being used by Tacopina to smooth things over with Kaplan comes just a month after the judge smacked down the Trump legal team's "absurd" bid to get the Carroll lawsuit tossed out.

Trump's attorneys had tried to argue that the law Carroll was using to sue him, called the New York Adult Survivors Act, was unconstitutional on the grounds that it supposedly denied him due process under the law.

Kaplan, however, was having none of it.

"To suggest that the ASA violates the state Due Process Clause because the legislature supposedly did not describe that injustice to the defendant’s entire satisfaction in a particular paragraph of a particular type of legislative document – itself a dubious premise – is absurd,” wrote Kaplan.

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