Former prosecutor pours cold water on Trump's high-priced lawyer's latest legal strategy
Donald Trump (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC's "The Katie Phang Show," former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade laughed off a report that one of Donald Trump's high-priced lawyers is trying to rein him in from attacking the Department of Justice in an effort to get them to back off.

Late Friday, the Washington Post reported that Trump's lawyers are battling each other over legal strategy, with some wanting to present a more "aggressive" defense while attorney Christopher Kise, who scored a $3 million retainer to defend Trump against possible Espionage Act and obstruction charges wants to dial things down.

According to the Post, "Kise was brought aboard, he finds himself in a battle, trying to persuade Trump to go along with his legal strategy and fighting with some other advisers who have counseled a more aggressive posture. The dispute has raged for at least a week, Trump advisers say, with the former president listening as various lawyers make their best arguments."

Asked about Kise's efforts by MSNBC host Phang, McQuade smirked before wishing him good luck.

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"Some Trump lawyers are saying to turn down the temperature towards the DOJ," the MSNBC host prompted. "What do you make of this recorded divide in terms of what is supposed to be a single front legal team?"

"I say, Katie, to those lawyers who joined in good faith and think they're going to change Donald Trump: bless you and good luck, here we go again," she replied. "Donald Trump has one mode and it is all offense all the time."

"Anyone who thinks he is going to change, you know, it's like the woman who marries the man and says 'I'm going to change him.' No. People are who they are," she explained. "At this point in life, shame on him for not knowing who Donald Trump is."

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