Donald Trump
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Donald Trump is facing more scandals and legal challenges than ever, but some Republicans continue insist those challenges will actually help his re-election chances.

The ex-president came into politics with the nickname "Teflon Don," after surviving lawsuits, bankruptcies, divorces and other setbacks as a celebrity businessman, and his allies say that reputation will help him weather the legal firestorms that continue to engulf him, reported The Daily Beast.

“President Trump’s worst enemies are watching in disbelief as he walks safely to the exit of the lawfare furnace they fired up to destroy him,” said longtime adviser Michael Caputo. “They failed, he survived, they only made him stronger, and they don’t have a plan for that.”

Current and former advisers seem to agree that voters will back Trump in spite -- and maybe even because -- of the scandals swirling around him, and feel that putting him on television as much as possible will scare up support from marginal voters.

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“As we continue to get opportunities such as the CNN town hall to talk to the general election audience," said a current Trump adviser, "as these additional things come up where the president can talk to voters who don’t watch center-right news, Biden hasn’t hit his floor and the sky is the limit for Trump in the general."

Even his Republican rivals have have been reluctant to attack the twice-impeached former president over his legal troubles.

“You can draw a line from Bill Clinton to Trump,” said one Republican strategist. “He’s done the Clinton strategy where instead of apologizing and holding the line, he gaslights and holds the line.”

Trump holds a commanding lead for the GOP primary over Ron DeSantis and other would-be challengers, but the Florida governor polls better against President Joe Biden than the ex-president who already lost to him once.

“There’s always that athlete who tries to stick around a year too long,” said Florida pollster Brad Coker. “The danger of these legal battles isn’t that any one of them spelled out a whole lot of danger for Trump, but if he keeps getting either convicted or found negligent over and over again… there’s that point where people are in a relationship and they’ll put up with stuff for so long, and finally there’s that breaking point where they say, we won’t go there anymore.”