Woodward: Growing number of Republicans want to 'push Trump off a cliff'

A growing number of Republicans are growing increasingly miffed with former President Donald Trump. While they've been unwilling to stand up to him in the past, as they make their way through primary elections they're growing braver.

Washington Post Watergate reporter Bob Woodward explained on CNN that for so many years Republicans were willing and eager to protect Trump, but now they're not.

CNN showed a clip of the documentary footage of Trump and his children ahead of and after the Jan. 6 attack on Congress. What has been published thus far appears to be the trailer and the polished footage of the documentary organized by Jared Kushner. There are questions about the 11 hours of footage that shows Trump watching as the violence unfolded. While there can be accounts by members of the Trump administration, showing videos can paint Trump in a different light.

There were about 50 percent willing to jump off of a cliff for Donald Trump. "Now, I think at least 20 percent want to push him off the cliff," Woodward quipped.

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CNN's Anderson Cooper was shocked that there could have been that much change in just the past few weeks that the House Select Committee has been holding public hearings.

"Yes, but there are 30 percent who want to do one thing, and that is win," he said of the GOP candidates. "And if there's one lesson from writing three books about Trump, spending hours interviewing him, there is the lexicon, 'win.' You have to win. And they want to win, and voters can make the calculation, is this a winning hand with Donald Trump or not? And it's eroding, whether significant, we will see, but what they're going to do, the hearings about the justice department, I mean, that is meaty, dramatic stuff, even John Dean didn't see that in the Nixon Justice Department."

The FBI showed up at the home of former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark asking for his electronics that were pursuant to a warrant issued by a judge. It's unclear what the case is and who the judge was but Woodward quoted John Dean who said that the DOJ never raided anyone's house and if they had the cause to, they should have.

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