Trump melts down over new insider book by 'self appointed head case' Maggie Haberman
Donald Yrump (Photo by AFP)

It took a few days of excerpts from Maggie Haberman's "Confidence Man" book to rouse Donald Trump to write a post on his Truth Social account on Friday morning.

According to the former president, the New York Times reporter to whom he gave a considerable amount of access during his four years in office is a "self appointed head case" whose reporting on the inner workings of the Trump White House are not to be trusted.

On Truth Social, the president railed at her reporting on his daughter Ivanka Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner and fumed, "WRONG, pure fiction."

"Here we go again! Another Fake book is out, this one, supposedly very boring and stale, by self appointed head case, Failing (unfunded liability!) New York Times writer, Maggie Hagerman," he wrote, getting Haberman's name wrong.

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He then added, "In it she tells many made up stories, with zero fact checking or confirmation by anyone who would know, like me. In one case she lies about me wanting to fire my daughter, Ivanka, and Jared. WRONG, pure fiction. Never even crossed my mind."

"Just have to fight trouble making creeps like Maggie, and all the rest!" he concluded.