Trump allies 'increasingly frustrated' he spends his days obsessing over 'petty grievances': report
President Donald Trump. (Official White House photograph)

According to a report from the Washington Post, close allies of Donald Trump as well as the Republican leadership are growing "increasingly frustrated" with the ex-president who they say spends his days nursing "petty grievances" against people he thinks have wronged him when he is not playing golf.

In a deep dive into how Trump is manipulating the Republican Party to bend to his will while he spends his days at his Mar-a-Lago resort, the WaPo reports that he has put off planning his presidential library, is waffling about his political future and spends a great deal of time plotting revenge after losing his re-election bid.

"Trump's reappearance is fueled by an ego-driven desire to remain at the center of national attention, said former advisers and allies who are in touch with him," the report states. "The defeated ex-president is propelled primarily by a thirst for retribution, an insatiable quest for the spotlight and a desire to establish and maintain total dominance and control over the Republican base, said several former senior White House advisers. He has boasted to some in his orbit that he expects a book deal at some point, though there is no known offer, two advisers said."

Noting that most of Trump's endorsements so far are being referred to as "revenge endorsements" aimed at Republican lawmakers he believes crossed him, the Post reports the ex-president's desire for retribution is beginning to frustrate those close to him.

"Privately, many Republican officials — including some Trump allies — are growing frustrated, worried that the former president is wasting his time on petty rivalries and grievances. They say they wish he was working to protect policies from his term and affirmatively helping Republicans in 2022. "All the 2022 stuff is, 'Well, what's in it for me?' " said one former senior White House official, summarizing Trump's thinking," the report states.

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