Trump's lawyers are 'scrambling and they have nothing': legal expert
Donald Trump (Photo by Saul Loeb for AFP)

Appearing early Saturday morning on MSNBC, former federal prosecutor Cynthia Alksne claimed that the latest legal filing by Donald Trump's lawyers over the Mar-a-Lago search three weeks ago is a sign of desperation and that it is evidence that they have no idea how to deal with their client's worsening legal woes.

Speaking with host Katie Phang, Alksne responded to a report from Politico that stated, "The filing, which was billed as a 'supplement' to Trump’s meandering initial bid on Monday, was notable, however, for what it didn’t include. It makes no mention of the hundreds of pages of classified documents recovered during the Aug. 8 search and in previous visits by investigators. It also makes no mention of Trump’s claims to have declassified the material. It also eschews the heated criticism Trump has leveled at Bruce Reinhart, the magistrate judge who authorized the search."

"What do you make of last night's filing that supplements, that was court ordered, that Trump's legal team had to do in their pursuit of the appointment of the special master?" Host Phang asked.

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"Well, it's mostly a gobbledegook filing," Alksne began. "And honestly, it gets the law wrong. It misses a lot of facts. It does not have clear reasoning about why they need the special master."

"It says the Reinhart case is substantially over which it's not; it's an ongoing investigation," she continued. "I just think that they are scrambling and they have nothing."

"The problem is, what they know is, this is an ongoing investigation. There is, there has been, serious probable cause in this case, over and over in abundance of probable cause to do the search of Mar-a-Lago," she elaborated. "When they were there, they found documents all over the place, you know, in his premises, in hallways. Lord knows what maids had been in and out of the area in addition to in the basement."

"And the president is in serious trouble and they're scrambling," she concluded. "And you can tell when you look at the filing that they filed yesterday that they know that they are in trouble."

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