Trump just got a huge endorsement for his ploy to live at Mar-a-Lago despite agreement against it
President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago New Year's Eve Party (Photo: Screen capture)

The Palm Beach town lawyer John C. Randolph sent a letter advocating for the City Council to allow President Donald Trump to live in his Mar-a-Lago resort despite signing a letter in the 1990s saying that Mar-a-Lago would never become a residence.

Neighbors of the resort and officials have complained about the massive groups of people lining their neighborhood streets, the helicopter traffic noise and other problems that they've dealt with as Trump finished his time in office. Now that he's out of office, the neighbors are hoping things would quiet down.

In a letter obtained by the Washington Post, the lawyer says "that Trump's promise essentially is meaningless because there is nothing in his agreement converting the property to a private club that specifically bans him from living at the club."

The agreement Trump signed in the 1990s said that club members couldn't stay in the guest suites for more than 21 days a year.

According to documents the Post obtained, Trump has been lobbying behind the scenes to officials to allow him to live at Mar-a-Lago where he presumably wouldn't have to pay rent or a mortgage. If Trump purchased a house in Palm Beach, he would have to pay for it. Reports on Trump's mounting debt revealed that the former president owes about $1 billion that he'll be forced to pay back in the coming years.

Trump's attorney tried to wiggle around the agreement by saying Trump is a "bona fide employee" as the president of Mar-a-Lago LLC. Further, his lawyer argued that Trump wouldn't be staying in a "guest suite" as prohibited in the agreement, he'd be staying in the "Owner's suite."

"Those documents show that the legal opinion written by the town's attorney matches the reasoning in a letter sent late last month to the town by Trump's current attorney, John B. Marion," said the report. "Like Randolph, Marion argues that Trump is not bound by the promise he made to the council in 1993. 'Nothing that may have been said by' Trump before the 1993 agreement was signed 'is relevant,' Marion wrote in a letter to Randolph."

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