'Nobody said the guy's not guilty': Prosecutor Mark Pomerantz reveals DA discussions about Trump case
Photo: Screen capture

Former Manhattan prosecutor Mark Pomerantz spoke to "60 Minutes" on Sunday about his upcoming tell-all book People vs. Donald Trump. According to Pomerantz, former President Donald Trump could easily be prosecuted for many crimes that have been part of the discussion in the District Attorney's office.

DA Alvin Bragg previously said that he didn't see a pathway to charge Trump for anything involving the Trump Organization companies that skirted taxes by giving gifts to employees like cars, apartments in Trump Tower and even tuition funds for bookkeeper Allen Weisselberg's grandchildren.

There are questions about Trump's taxes in which he artificially inflated the value of assets to increase his value for bank loans. Then he falsely decreased the value for tax purposes. In the case of Mar-a-Lago, Trump inflated the value ten times.

Among the things Pomerantz details is that he thinks racketeering charges could be brought against Trump.

Trump is “guilty of numerous felony violations," he writes, noting it is a “grave failure of justice not to hold [Trump] accountable by way of criminal prosecution."

"New York State’s version of the federal racketeering statute, known as enterprise corruption, 'was an ideal vehicle for prosecuting Donald Trump and the Trump Organization,' the Times cites Pomerantz writes. Vance considered the idea "bold" but others were unconvinced, the book describes. Vance then planned to leave office and wanted to make a final decision of whether to prosecute Trump before leaving.

Speaking to CBS News, Pomerantz acknowledged that prosecutors often disagree with the decisions by the DA, but he said that this is a unique situation.

"Given all the evidence that we had, and that nobody said, hey, the guy's not guilty," said Pomerantz.

He went on to say that Trump's entire fortune and success are all based on "lies."

"The financial statements that he prepared were given to the banks and had to be given to the banks in order to get the loans that he got. So, he got hundreds of millions of dollars of bank financing in connection..." he explained.

He explained that Trump would tell his employees that he needed his value to be X and they would figure out how to ensure the number met that number. One property was said to be worth more than any property has ever been sold in the history of the United States, he said.

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