Trump may have exposed ‘hundreds’ to COVID-19 by hiding his positive test: CNN
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Donald Trump may have exposed hundreds of people to the deadly coronavirus if his former chief of staff is correct that he concealed a positive test result, CNN said Wednesday.

"Former President Trump is now responding to a new report that raises serious questions about the timing of his coronavirus diagnosis," CNN's Jim Sciutto reported. "His former chief of staff has said in a new book that Trump tested positive days before the White House at the time, the administration revealed that fact to the public."

"And now CNN has learned there were whispers in the White House about Trump's positive test before his first debate with now-President Biden," CNN's Erica Hill said.

CNN's Gabby Orr recounted all of the events Trump was known to have participated after the time he reportedly tested positive.

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"If you add all of those events together that the president -- then-President Donald Trump — attended between that positive test and the presidential debate, it is potentially hundreds of people that he knowingly put at risk after receiving a positive test for COVID-19," Orr reported.

"You know, you think you can't be shocked anymore and then sometimes you are," Hill said.

"Put other people at risk," Sciutto noted. "Put other people at risk."