Trump 'is choking psychologically on his defeat': CNN White House correspondent

CNN White House correspondent John Harwood said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump is growing more and more erratic as he refuses to accept that he lost the 2020 election to President-elect Joe Biden.

Reacting to reports that Pentagon officials fear that the president will order them to help him overturn the election results, Harwood explained that the president does not appear to be mentally equipped to handle losing.

"It is becoming blazingly obvious to everyone because the president is choking psychologically on his defeat," Harwood said. "He can't handle it, he's flailing around, looking for ways to deny it or overturn it, so you get this discussion of martial law in the White House, which is something that would involve the military."

Harwood said that the military would almost certainly not intervene on the president's behalf and would most likely ignore his orders.

"Rather than treating a directive from the president as a lawful order from the commander-in-chief, they would treat it as a nutty idea from somebody who is nuts right now and would find some way to ignore it," he explained.

Watch the video below.

'The president is choking psychologically on his defeat': Harwood