Trump has nobody to take the fall for him on his fraud scheme this time: Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen leaving a federal court in Lower Manhattan in 2018. (

On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "All In," Donald Trump's former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen responded to New York Attorney General Letitia James' announcement that she is suing Trump and his children over a massive alleged fraud scheme around the value of assets held by their family business.

Cohen, who previously served prison time for bank fraud and tax evasion surrounding his financial dealings with the former president, emphasized that Trump is in unprecedented legal jeopardy because he no longer has people to take the fall for him.

"Listening to the recitation by Letitia James of the scope of these fraudulent practices, what was your reaction?" asked anchor Chris Hayes. "Did that sound familiar?"

"It was interesting because like everyone else, I was watching," said Cohen. "I had no idea what Attorney General Tish James was going to say. So when she mentioned my name, I was obviously quite elated, to be honest, because I'm finally getting the recognition for what I've been sitting on the mountaintops yelling for three and a half, four years, which is that the Trump Organization is a criminal enterprise and that I got thrown under the bus by dear old Donald because simply, as you stated in your intro, somebody has to always fall on the sword for him. Right now it looks like it will probably be one or both of his kids. And possibly himself as well."

Ironically, Cohen noted, further evidence of Trump's fraud in this case may have been uncovered by the FBI investigators who searched his Mar-a-Lago country club as part of the entirely separate probe into his improper removal of classified information.

"The part was by far there was the most egregious was when Donald was subpoenaed to provide documents the dealt with his taxes," said Cohen. "Remember that after Donald filed an objection to the subpoena, he went to court, he lost, and went to the appellate court, he lost it, went to the Supreme Court he lost, then they ultimately gave him a series of documents and that was supposedly all the documents, and this was in Tish James' papers. When the FBI raided the Mar-a-Lardo, they found documents that would have been responsive to the subpoena. So therefore, on top of everything, this dope has now aided obstruction of justice for another claim. In fact, there are more claims for him than there is hair on his head."

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Michael Cohen on New York suit against Trump Organization