'What the hell is going on?' CNN panel erupts in laughter at Trump's 'weird' Missouri double endorsement
A CNN panel laughs at former President Donald Trump (Screen cap)

A CNN panel burst into laughter on Tuesday when discussing former President Donald Trump's decision to simply endorse "Eric" in a Missouri Republican Senate race that features two candidates who have that first name.

Host John Avlon described Trump's double endorsement of Eric Greitens and Eric Schmidt as "one of the weirdest things I've actually ever seen" and then asked guest S.E. Cupp to explain, "What the hell is going on?"

"I call this the 'Hey, you!' endorsement," she said, which caused the panel to erupt in laughter. "When you don't remember who is going in, you say, 'Hey, you!' Totally noncommittal. There was a point to this, because he doesn't want to choose. On a serious note, this is... how unmotivated Trump is by ideas and principles and policies. Really, he just wants the allegiance."

Fellow panelist Jonah Goldberg shared Cupp's basic assessment about the way Republican campaigns are no longer motivated by policy goals.

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"The way to think of the GOP is it's not an ideological party anymore," he said. "It's a conglomeration of weird factions and some of the factions are... crazy. So you're going have a significant -- not a majority, but significant enough for primaries and general elections -- to provide the margin of victory for a segment of the parties that are basically QAnon adjacent."

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