John Oliver mocks Trump's indictment-panic on display in a message to farmers
Photos: Screen capture

Late-night host John Oliver began his Sunday show by highlighting the news that Donald Trump thinks he's getting arrested on Tuesday.

It's not happening, as it would mean the grand jury would be forced to vote to indict, and the district attorney's office would have to finish all of their paperwork on it, issue an arrest warrant and have it approved by a judge all in 24 hours. But that doesn't mean that a possible arrest isn't going to happen. If Trump's social media account is any indication, he's having a meltdown, certain that it will.

Over the course of the last few nights, the former president has deployed his caps-lock strategy to digitally scream into the virtual void.

"If you're wondering how he's doing right now, don't worry because, in this video that he released directed toward farmers, it seems like he's doing great," Oliver said sarcastically.

He showed a clip of the video in which Trump droned on and on and on about how he was so great for family farmers and claimed he killed the estate tax so if farmers wanted to pass their farms onto their children, they could. But only if they actually liked their children. Some people don't like their children, Trump explained, in a way that seemed a little too close to home.

As a fact check, Trump never killed the estate tax. It simply raised it from $5.6 million to over $11 million. Most people, however, that own estates that are in the multi-millions of dollars have accountants and lawyers that can help them design a trust that passes everything over to their inheritance tax-free and without the need for probate court.

"I mean, he's still got it," said Oliver. "He has still got it. And by 'it' I mean whatever it is that is so deeply wrong with his brain. Do you know how much you have to hate your kids to get distracted by that thought in the middle of a political speech? 'We should have pulled out troops from the region sooner. Speaking of regretting not pulling out sooner, Don Jr.' And then they shot that with two cameras! They cut something out of that! And given what they kept in, I am dying to know what it was!"

He went on to note that Trump stuck the landing at the end with "have fun," which he called "impeccable."

See the video below or at the link here.