Trump sought promotion for young aide after viewing her butt in Air Force One cabin: former staffer
Donald Trump on Air Force One (screen shot)

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham alleges that Donald Trump sought a promotion for a young female press aide whom he was sexually harassing.

Appearing on CNN's New Day on Tuesday, Grisham discussed a portion of her new tell-all book in which she claims Trump was obsessed with the young female press aide — and asked that she be brought into his cabin on Air Force One so he could look at her butt.

CNN host John Berman told Grisham, "We should note when you talk about this, you didn't report this to anyone."

"There's just not a human resources department at the White House where you can go and say, 'I'm really uncomfortable with the president of the United States and his behavior,'" Grisham responded. "I was not comfortable going to Mark Meadows, who was the chief of staff at that time, because I felt he would just go to the president, and the president would in turn think I was being disloyal and fire me or what not. "

"So when he would ask for her to come to the cabin, which she was the only one he ever did that with, I would always accompany her," Grisham added. "I don't know if she knew what was going on. She may have just been excited that the president was talking to her, and I wouldn't leave the cabin. We would sit in there, and I just would never leave the cabin."

"I tried to kind of keep her off trips, which was unfortunate because I felt like I was punishing her. It wasn't her fault, but he noticed, and then he would say, 'Make sure she's on this trip, give her a promotion, put her on TV,'" Grisham said. "All of which, they were things she wasn't quite qualified for yet. It was a really difficult situation. I did the best that I could. I don't know what I could have done better. Maybe if I would have left, but then now who's there to watch out for her."

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Stephanie Grisham on Trump sexually harassing a press aide