George Conway explains why 'narcissistic sociopathic' Trump is flailing and lashing out
George Conway -- YouTube screenshot

One-time Republican George Conway agreed with reports that former President Donald Trump is panicking.

Speaking to Conway on MSNBC, former Republican Party chair Michael Steele asked if Trump was freaking out over a possible indictment or if he was just trying to raise money. Steele cited reports that claim Trump pulled in $1.6 million off of his announcement that he was being arrested on Tuesday. He wasn't arrested on Tuesday.

"I think those two possibilities are not mutually exclusive," Conway explained. "As you say, he is not a normal man. He's a narcissist. A pathological narcissist, a malignant narcissist, a narcissistic sociopathic. You can use any of those terms interchangeably. He is panicked and terrified, and narcissists live in panic and terror of their true selves, their true inadequacies will be revealed for the world. So, they create this false image of themselves, they lie, they brag, and they say things about themselves that aren't true. See e.g. George Santos."

However, because Trump is a narcissist, Conway says that he wants to make himself the center of attention.

"So yes, he is absolutely putting on the old schtick of trying to get as much attention as possible and trying to raise money off of it, to get the grifts off of it," Conway continued. "But the fact of the matter is, he is terrified and you can see it in his Trump Truth Social media posts, which have taken — they're the same, to begin with, but they've taken a whole new level of extreme nuttiness. In these all-caps tweets, he tweeted something today where the day juxtaposes a baseball, him holding a baseball bat and a picture of Alvin Bragg. I mean, look, you know, it's something that could get his bail revoked someday, I don't know."

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But this is the kind of man that Trump is, said Conway.

"He has a severe personality disorder and he's not very smart. What he's doing here is instinctive," Conway continued. "He lashes out because he feels he's being attacked. He feels he's being humiliated. But at the same time, he's going to put on a show to basically gin up his followers. That's what the danger is here — is that he will be doing this over a period of several months. A period over the next year and a half. I have to think he's going to get the Republican nomination, and he is going to try to foment violence, as he did on Jan. 6th. He's done a very good job of it this week. But if he keeps pounding on something for months, which he's going to be unless the judges put gag orders on him, you will see people starting to try to do things like they did two years ago, sadly."

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George Conway on Trump's freakout