Allen Weisselberg has lost his chance for a good deal — even if the Trump Organization exec flips now: former prosecutor
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On CNN Thursday, former federal prosecutor Elie Honig said that Trump Organization CEO Allen Weisselberg, who has reportedly been indicted by New York prosecutors on charges to be unsealed this afternoon, has missed the best window to get a good deal — even if he now changes his mind and decides to cooperate.

"Weisselberg is not cooperating and has said very clearly he does not intend to," said anchor Jim Sciutto. "In your experience as a prosecutor, when criminal indictments come, and trials approach, do folks in his position sometimes change their mind?"

"Yes, nothing could sort of focus the mind quite like an indictment," said Honig. "I've seen people who swore they would never flip and cooperate but they did. But the optimal time, best time for Weisselberg and prosecutors has already passed. You're of more assistance to prosecutors the earlier you come in. We're already now into the charging phase. So people can and do cooperate after they've been charged, after they've been convicted, after they've been sentenced. But the chances in the benefits just decline with time."

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Elie Honig says Allen Weisselberg missed his chance for a good plea deal