George Conway: There's no way Trump didn't know what crimes were going on in his own business
George Conway (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Friday morning, conservative attorney and Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway dived into former President Donald Trump's potential complicity in alleged Trump Organization crimes.

"The question is could it be or can it be tied to Donald Trump?" said anchor John Berman. "What are the chances — you have some personal experience with this — that Donald Trump was completely oblivious to this alleged tax scheme going on in his company?"

"My personal experience is limited to the fact that I bought an apartment from the Trump Organization on the East Side," said Conway, whose wife served as Trump's White House counselor. "One of the things that happened when I signed the contract, I sent them multiple copies of the contract to the lawyers, and the lawyers sent them back to me. Lo and behold, Donald J. Trump's signature was on it. As we later learned through press reports, he paid attention, very close attention to what went on in his business. He paid attention to these contracts. He paid attention to what checks were being written. In fact, the indictment says he actually cut a couple of the checks that went to paying off [CFO Allen] Weisselberg's expenses."

"The thing to remember about the Trump Organization, which everyone knows and it's been well-reported, it really was — or still is a small organization," added Conway. "And not too many people actually are involved in the serious, major aspects of the business. And so that's the question, is whether or not the prosecutors could prove criminal intent to something that may have been misreported. For that they would need an insider since he doesn't use email. That's where Weisselberg comes in."

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George Conway says Trump knew the crimes going on in his business