Trump ordered to testify in New York fraud investigation
US President Donald Trump (AFP)

New York's attorney general wants Donald Trump to testify within weeks as part of her investigation into potential fraud in his family-owned business.

Attorney general Letitia James requested the twice-impeached one-term president give a deposition Jan. 7 at her office as part of a civil investigation of the Trump Organization's alleged practice of artificially manipulating property values to obtain financial advantages, reported the Washington Post.

"One of the people familiar with the investigation said James is examining whether widespread fraud 'permeated the Trump Organization,'" the newspaper reported.

The attorney general and the Manhattan district attorney are both looking into the Trump Organization's business practices, and James has said she is considering a lawsuit and prosecutors have convened a new grand jury to consider possible criminal charges against the company.

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James could take Trump to court if he refuses to comply, and his former biographer said that carries risks for anyone -- but especially the ex-president.

“He can’t be scripted, and he’s injudicious, and he often doesn’t understand that the process is about events and facts, rather than being performance art,” said former biographer Tim O’Brien.

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