'Potential for drama': Legal expert highlights key testimony in this week's Trump Organization trial
Donald Trump, Allen Weisselberg and Donald Trump Jr. (AFP)

MSNBC analyst and University of Alabama School of Law professor Joyce Vance has written up a preview of this week's criminal trial of the Trump Organization and has identified a dynamic she believes has the "potential for drama."

In her personal Substack page, Vance breaks down the plea agreement that longtime Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg struck with prosecutors and says it should be enough to convict the Trump Organization.

"Weisselberg faced a much longer sentence without the plea, but now he has to testify, truthfully, in court this week," she writes. "If he fails to do so the DA can rescind the plea agreement and Weisselberg would face the longer sentence. And therein lies the potential for drama here."

The "drama" in question lies in whether Weisselberg will deliver any testimony that will implicate former President Donald Trump himself, rather than just the Trump Organization.

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"You’ll recall that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who is prosecuting this case, was roundly criticized for failing to indict Trump shortly after he was elected and appeared to shut down the investigation into him," she writes. "While it’s unlikely that there will be a Perry Mason moment (or whatever the prosecutorial equivalent is) in a case where the evidence has been as thoroughly turned over as in this one, it’s impossible to rule out. We’ll keep our eyes on Manhattan this week!"