'The dunk-fests in the Oval Office determined the final weeks of the Trump presidency': Betsy Woodruff Swan

A recent report revealed some of the harrowing final days of former President Donald Trump's White House as the president attempted to use the power of the Justice Department to try and stay in office.

According to the report, there were fights among top government lawyers about whether Trump could replace the acting attorney general with a hand-picked choice who would ultimately act on the election. There were threats of resignation and screaming matches in the Oval Office.

Reporter Betsy Woodruff Swan noted that Trump had a leadership style in which he would pit staffers against each other. He would intentionally hire people in similar jobs and it would create conflict. He would have people debate issues in front of him as if it was for his own amusement.

"No question one of the more distinctive components of, shall we say, Trump's leadership style was that he loved watching his aides fight with each other," she noted. "It was basically an MMA approach to Oval Office meetings. He just personally really enjoyed seeing people have these big dramatic fights, and it's hard to think what Oval Office fight could have been more dramatic and larger than this one between the leaders, both of his White House Counsel's Office and all the top DOJ people versus this one guy who Trump thought was going to make all his election overturning dreams come true."

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She cited another meeting to compare it to that was a kind of "mortal combat style vibe," that happened on Dec. 18 between Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and the Overstock.com guy. Who met with Trump and tried to persuade him to take all sorts of steps including using the military to seize voting machines.

It was only White House lawyers who were able to step in and say, "no this is totally insane," she said.

"It's just extraordinary the extent to which shouting matches in the Oval Office essentially dunk-fests determined -- I don't want to sound hyperbolic here, but kind of determined the course of the end of Donald Trump's presidency," she said.

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