John Dean slams Trump's 'remarkable' dismissal of Papadopoulos conviction as a 'process crime'
Photo: Screen capture

On CNN Tuesday, former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean slammed outgoing President Donald Trump for dismissing the convictions of former aides in the Mueller investigations as "process crimes" in his release pardoning them.

"Looking at the statement that came along with the pardons," said Dean. "When you look at the Russia investigation part of it, the Papadopoulos pardon, the statements flat out calling it a 'process crime' to lie to the FBI but says the pardon helps correct the wrongs, the Mueller team inflicted on so many people. That's quite a remarkable statement to have with this pardon. It is more of a slap, it is an attack."

"There is another word for a process crime," said anchor John Berman. "That's just crime. It is a crime, right?"

"Exactly," said Dean. "To be specific, the reference to the process crime are the Russia-related investigation. There is no collusion that was found. Therefore Mueller proceeded with the process. I would remind him, all of Watergate was process-related crimes. They were obstruction of justice. They were perjury. Those are all process-related crime. They're crimes, rest assured."

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