'A good day to be a corrupt Republican congressman': CNN's John Berman slams Trump's 'tsunami of pardons'
Gage Skidmore

On CNN Tuesday, anchor John Berman tore into President Donald Trump's latest flurry of presidential pardons. They included multiple people caught in the Mueller investigation, Republican lawmakers who had committed various financial crimes, four military contractors who killed many Iraqi civilians, and two border patrol agents who shot an unarmed immigrant.

"It is a good night to be a corrupt Republican congressman, or a confessed liar from the Russia probe, or a convicted murderer of Iraqi civilians," said Berman. "With 29 days left in office, the president issued a first big wave of what could be a tsunami of pardons. It includes former Republican lawmakers and four military contractors involved in a massacre of civilians in Iraq."
Pamela Brown agreed with Berman.

"This could be seen as a way of the president returning the favor for their loyalty for not cooperating with investigators and, as well as you mentioned, the two GOP allies who were early supporters of the president," said Brown. "What's also interesting in this list ... these two former border agents sentenced to prison for shooting an unarmed, undocumented immigrant, they were held as heroes, basically, in right-wing media at the time. They're also on this list."

He continued: "That's also a common thread among some of the high-profile pardons on this list that many of them were heroes by right-wing media in many of these cases. We know the president is unorthodox in the way he's gone about pardons. He's watched Fox News and other outlets to get an idea of who he can pardon and along with Rudy Giuliani and others."

Watch below: