Mike Pence's comeback flounders as he's ignored by Trump and his fans: report
Donald Trump and Mike Pence at the White House. (CNN/Screenshot)

According to a report from Politico, former Vice President Mike Pence is re-emerging with an eye on the 2024 Republican presidential nomination and the reception from supporters of Donald Trump is less than enthusiastic.

Noting that the relationship between the two was irreparably damaged during the last few days of the administration when the former president and his supporters turned on Pence because they thought he could stop the certification of Joe Biden's win, Politico reports that Pence is done laying low as he starts up a PAC and delivered a speech that was largely ignored.

While Pence praised the work the Trump administration did, Politico reports his relationship with Trump remains "cordial," but for the most part non-existent.

"If Pence is seeking solidarity, however, it has not entirely been reciprocated. Since January 6, Trump and Pence have talked more than five times, according to a Pence aide, including three this month. But the two have mostly gone their own separate and distinct ways," the reports states. "And Trump aides say they are not keeping tabs on his political machinations like they are for other leading Republicans. Indeed, a handful of those contacted for this piece confided that they had no idea Pence was making his post-White House debut on Thursday."

"I like Mike Pence. I think he was a great VP. A great guy," explained a former campaign aide. "But the reality is a large portion of the Trump base doesn't like him or care about him. He wasn't a liability [in 2020]. But was he an asset? Sure. He could give good interviews. But his ability to attract new voters wasn't really there."

As for that speech by Pence given to evangelicals -- a major part of Pence's base -- in South Carolina on Thursday night, it didn't even make a ripple with Fox News or even Pence backers.

"On Thursday, Pence debuted the type of lines and arguments that could serve to relaunch him politically in the months ahead. He slammed the Biden administration's 'avalanche of liberal policies' including the president's record on government spending, abortion rights, immigration, Iran Nuclear Deal and the 'woke chorus' calling for police reform," Politico's San Stein reported. "But there was evidence, even then, that the benefits that came with hitching his wagon to Trump had ended when that hitch came undone. As Pence spoke, no cable channel picked up his remarks. Just a few dozen people at any given time watched him live on Facebook, including roughly 55 when the speech ended."

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