'Twisted' Republicans flattened by conservative for giving 'aid and comfort' to Putin after invasion
Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump (Mandel Ngan:AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Wednesday, conservative Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis followed up on his recent piece labeling rightwingers "twisted" for claiming Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is more of a tyrant than Vladimir Putin, by going after Donald Trump and former secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

Speaking with host Joe Scarborough, Lewis came close to calling their recent praise of Putin traitorous.

"I think that we've known for a while that things are really inverted," Lewis told the MSNBC host. "I mean, maybe we don't call them conservatives today, but a not-insignificant portion of the right today believe in things the exact opposite of the things that conservatives believed in not that long ago. I mean, whether it's, you know, standing up to Russia, certainly when they try to invade a sovereign country, whether it's not allowing protesters to shut down traffic, you know, we could go on and on with."

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Claiming many on the right are now on the "blame America first" side, he added, "I mean, if you listen to what -- you played the Pompeo clip a few minutes ago. If you could imagine that being said about Hitler or Stalin. 'Well, he's a pretty -- I mean, Hitler is a charismatic guy, he's a vegetarian.' I mean, they are providing aid and comfort, certainly intellectually."

Watch below:

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