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An attorney representing members of the Proud Boys is insisting that the group will get former President Donald Trump to testify at his clients' trial.

As reported by Politico's Kyle Cheney, attorney Norm Pattis told the court on Thursday that "we’re going to ask the government for assistance in serving Mr. Trump" with a subpoena to testify at their trial.

Although it's not clear why members of the gang would want Trump to testify on their behalf, many other January 6th defendants have argued that they broke into the Capitol and violently clashed with police officers because it was what the former president wanted them to do.

Cheney notes that efforts by other Jan. 6th defendants to compel Trump's testimony have so far come up short, although he says that any case involving the Proud Boys -- whom Trump infamously told to "stand back and stand by" -- has a better shot at succeeding than a run-of-the-mill Capitol rioter.

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The Proud Boys members are under increased pressure after the government last month won seditious conspiracy convictions against four more members of the Oath Keepers militia, whom prosecutors argued engaged in a plot to block the peaceful transition of power to keep Trump in the White House.