QAnon cultists wonder if John Lennon and Tupac will appear with JFK at Trump’s Arizona rally: report

Supporters of the QAnon cult are converging on Arizona ahead of Donald Trump's scheduled Saturday campaign rally, according to a new report.

"Former President Donald Trump will hold his first rally of 2022 in Arizona on Saturday and it’s set to be packed with QAnon folks, both on stage and in the crowd," Vice reported Wednesday.

Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem, who is running for Secretary of State, will address the audience as a "special guest speaker."

Vice reported Finchem has "repeatedly shared QAnon conspiracies on social media and on QAnon-friendly podcasts and media platforms, and last year he headlined a major QAnon conference in Las Vegas. Joining Finchem on stage will be uber conspiracy theorist and pillow salesman Mike Lindell, who is so deeply enmeshed with the QAnon community at this point that it’s hard to separate his personal conspiracy theories about stolen elections from those spread by QAnon."

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Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is also scheduled to speak. Lake was photographed dining with Ron Watkins, who many believe is the mysterious "Q" behind the conspiracy theory. Watkins is running for Congress and his father, 8kun owner Jim Watkins, posted a video showing his excitement for the rally.

Also expected to attend is Michael Protzman, who has spent months in Dallas awaiting the return of John F. Kennedy and his son, JFK, Jr.

"Protzman announced on one of his many live audio chats that his group is traveling to the Arizona rally, and he made vague predictions about what might happen on the day, including yet another possible appearance by JFK," Vice reported. "In an audio chat on Tuesday, with over 1,000 people listening, Protzman once again claimed that President Joe Biden was never inaugurated and hasn’t been living and working in the White House but rather is actually part of a movie being filmed on a set in Culver City, California."

Expectations are high for some QAnon cultists.

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"Some of Protzman’s supporters have also spotted that Trump’s official announcement mentions “live entertainment” as part of the rally, and suggested that this will involve a band made up entirely of dead musicians and singers, including Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin, Tupac, and John Lennon," Vice reported. "This prediction follows Protzman’s own claim in November that at a Rolling Stones concert in Dallas that he forced his group to attend, the band members were replaced by Jackson, Prince, and JFK Jr., with Aaliyah providing backup vocals."

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