Trump and Melania may be left out in the cold with no invites to queen's funeral: report
Donald and Melania Trump (Photo via AFP)

With CNN reporting that President Joe Biden will not be leading a delegation of American dignitaries to England to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on Sep. 19 -- but he and First Lady Jill Biden have been asked to attend -- Newsweek is adding that Donald Trump and his wife Melania have, so far, not been invited.

The report notes that the president and his wife received separate and "individual" invites from the royal family, which put to rest the suggestions that Biden will bring along former Presidents Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Trump along with their wives.

After the Queen died last Thursday, CNN host Jake Tapper created a bit of a firestorm by saying it would be "clever" of Biden to invite his predecessor to join him on Air Force One if there was a delegation, but that point became moot when the Biden's invitation arrived.

According to Newsweek, there are now questions over the Trumps making the list.

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The report points out that "the Bidens have received two personal invitations, rather than being asked to form a US delegation, according to CNN, which cited unnamed White House officials," before adding that inquiries to the Trump camp about hearing from the royal family went unanswered.

The report adds that Trump has boasted about his relationship with the late queen, however, "It's never been entirely clear whether that affection was reciprocated. Trump's visits to the UK were marred by mass protests and moments when he broke protocol, including keeping her waiting for around 10 minutes."

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