Trump chose North Carolina convention speech over rally to avoid embarrassment of empty seats: Former RNC spokesperson
Donald Trump's Tulsa rally (screengrabs)

Speaking candidly with NPR, a former spokesperson for the Republican National Committee explained why Donald Trump's latest coming-out party is taking place in North Carolina at the state Republican Party convention instead of making a big splash with one of the rallies that he has been promising.

With Trump headed to Greenville on Saturday to give a speech before Republican activists -- some of whom are expressing concern over what he might say -- North Carolina native and former RNC spokesperson Doug Heye said that viewers watching on C-Span and attendees can expect the former president to touch on familiar themes.

"We know exactly what he's going to say — the election was rigged, stolen," Heye admitted. "He'll tease running for president again. 'Wouldn't you love me to run again? Well, I'm thinking about it....' And he'll take shots at those who voted to impeach [him]."

Heye also handed Trump a back-handed compliment for choosing to use a smaller venue for his first speech -- not delivered at Mar-a-Lago -- in months.

"That Trump is doing a state party convention makes sense," Heye remarked. "It's a controlled environment and doesn't risk the empty seats he could have at a rally — no more football stadiums."

Heye's comment is likely in reference to a rally Donald Trump held in Tulsa last June that was sparsely attended and widely mocked after the Trump 2020 campaign spent days claiming it was overbooked.

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