The Republican Party may not exist in 2024 due to Trump's influence: CNN conservative
Press conference by US President Donald Trump at the NATO Summit in Brussels. (NATO photo)

Speaking with CNN fill-in host Erica Hill on Friday morning regular conservative contributor Amanda Carpenter claimed the Republican Party is on the road to irrelevance due to Donald Trump -- and may be a distant memory when the 2024 elections roll around.

Noting that population shifts are changing how redistricting will happen, Hill asked, "President Trump while leading the Republican Party really built his platform on pillars of as you know populism, reactionary push back to the changing demographics in this country. And that may play great with the Republican base, but what does it say for the future of the GOP?"

"Should the GOP be shifting its strategy away from white rural voters given what we're seeing in terms of a changing demographic?" Hill asked Carpenter, a former Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) top aide.

"I mean, of course, that is an important part of the Republican Party's base," Carpenter replied. "You shouldn't get too caught up in the demographics as the top line, but, of course, they have to find a way to grow the party in order to win in the future. Catering to this rural white male elderly base has resulted in the loss of the House, the Senate, and the White House."

"And even after losing straight elections, the Republican Party has not found a way to re-imagine itself going forward," she continued before elaborating, "Typically a party would conduct some kind of autopsy after losing the White House; that didn't happen this time. The Republican Party has not changed at all. The conclusion that was made was that, as Donald Trump has told people, he didn't lose the election, it was rigged, right? It was stolen, and so there's no introspection. It's just doubling down on a losing and now quite dangerous strategy that led to an insurrection."

'To your point in terms of the strategy of the party doubling down, you know, Donald Trump clearly is still the focus and the leader of that party. as they're wrapping up the RNC summer meeting, you noted just days after the insurrection in the winter meeting, it was still very clearly all-in for president Trump. Not much has changed in the last seven months in terms of where we're at now.

"You know, I'm worried," Carpenter replied. "I mean, the Republican National Committee as an apparatus says, as a policy matter, Donald Trump is still leader of the Republican Party -- that will guide what they do in 2022. But, Erica, I'm worried about 2024. I think a lack of imagination as to what party loyalists would be willing to do with Trump created huge blind spots for the 2020 election. I looked back as a Republican voter at the 2020 primary season -- there wasn't one. Erica, they canceled primaries."

"What makes anyone think if the Republican Party is successful in 2022, there is going to be a Republican Party in 2024? The whole rationale behind it was that we need to make it easier for Trump to get the nomination. I don't know how that would change the way things are going right now under the leadership of [RNC head] Ronna McDaniel and others..." she replied before her audio cut out.

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