Trump second term will be focused on getting revenge: former White House aide
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Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon, former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham predicted a Donald Trump victory in the 2024 election would lead to an administration spending four years seeking revenge for Trump's 2020 presidential loss.

Speaking with host Alex Witt, Grisham claimed Trump would be on a "revenge tour."

"Last question, Stephanie," the MSNBC host asked at the end of the of interview. "Donald Trump, as you know, has been teasing the potential of a 2024 White House run. Do you expect he will actually do it and if so, what kind of a threat would a second Donald Trump term pose?"

"I don't know," Grisham at first conceded. "I thought at first there was no way he was going to run, then I've changed my mind to think he was going to run."

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"Knowing the man like do, it's weird for me to not know," she continued. "I believe he's waiting to see what happens in the '22 midterms. I think that if a lot of his more radical candidates that he's backing get into Congress, he'll run, because he'll feel empowered to do so. I do believe that if he is our next president, again, all the guardrails will be off."

"He won't have to worry about running for reelection," she continued. "When I was in the Trump White House, there was a common saying that senior staff would say -- Jared Kushner was one of them -- that's a 'second term project,' meaning we're going to wait and do the more crazy, draconian things until the second term."

"I also believe wholeheartedly it was a revenge tour," she added. "Anybody and everybody who spoke out against him, he'll be seeking revenge against. I don't think he'll be looking at it as what's best for our country anymore, it will be what's best for him and how do I get back at all the people who dared to defy me."

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